Postcards to be used for Postcrossing

Postcrossing cards and postcards for snail mail

Happy Postcrossing launched in 2012 as an online store specialized in postcards, primarily to be used for Postcrossing. It is now a shop fully dedicated to everything to do with paper, with plenty of pretty stationery, washi tape and stamps. Our postcards are not only well suited for Postcrossing, but also for use in post swaps, snail mail, pocket letters, round robins, card swaps, abcs or any other pleasant surprise in the mailbox.

As of this moment we offer over 5.000 different postcards of many brands, including Gorjuss, Inge Löök, Inkognito, Belle & Boo, Ila Illustrations, Fiep Westendorp, Dick Bruna, Molly Brett, and many, many more. You can find every one of those cards under the category ‘Postcards by brand’.

Cheap cards

Besides all of the aforementioned brands, we also produce and sell our own postcards. These are the same quality as the brand products and the images on the cards make them perfect for Postcrossing, albeit at a lower price (€ 0,69 per card).
What’s more: in case you order fifty or more cards, the price drops to just € 0,49 per card!
You can find our own brand of cards under the category ‘Happy Postcrossing’.

Stationery: notebooks, writing paper, stamps and washi tape

Happy Postcrossing not only offers loads of joyful postcards, we also offer stationery to decorate your other mail, planners, bullet journals, agendas or travel journals. Among this stationery we have masking tape of the highest quality and our own line with more than a hundred mini stamps.  

Our large assortment also covers writing paper, notebooks, notepads and stickers.

Before you send: wrapping your cards!

We have recently added the category ‘Wrapping’ to our online shop. Wrapping your postcards in lovely bags and sealing those bags with pretty stickers adds that extra touch to your shipment, bringing even more joy to the recipient you sent your cards to. The gift labels, beautiful (biological) ribbons and ropes make adding that extra touch even easier, making it possible for you to create whatever you want.

Tips for shopping

An online store full of stationery can be overwhelming. Perhaps you just want a few cards to use for Postcrossing, and you’re not at all familiar with terms such as ‘stationery’ or ‘washi tape’ or with any of the aforementioned brands of postcards. Below are a few tips to make navigating our online store easier and clearer.

1) Use the ‘search’-function. Is the recipient of your postcard particularly interested in a certain theme, animal, item, or anything else? Try typing the object of interest in the search bar at the top of our online store, and all of the postcards (and stationery) that have to do with the object of interest will be displayed for you.
2) Pick a mystery box instead. This way you will receive a delightfully mixed set of postcards and/or stationery. As these mystery boxes are hand wrapped and decorated by us, they are a joy to receive. The additional benefit here is that you don’t have to choose from the more than 5.000 cards in our range, as we will do this for you.

3) Take a look at this page on which you can see some of the brands with nice mood photo’s. This gives you a clear idea of what the different brands consist of. 

4) New to Postcrossing? Our ‘Postcrossing starter pack’ might be a good starting point for you. This will help you get started on your Postcrossing journey, and afterwards you can always top up your cards as desired, or choose for a mystery box.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave them with us.

Happy Postcrossing!