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  • Anne Geddes

    Anne Geddes (1956) is an Australian-born photographer. She chose babies as her subject because of her love of them. Her postcards are very famous, you can find them all over the world!

  • Belle & Boo
  • Blue Art / Misstigri
  • ByKris
  • Dick Bruna / Miffy

    Very Famous Dick Bruna with his popular Nijntje / Miffy series. Those Nijntje Postcards / Miffy cards are perfect and lovely for postcrossing!

  • Die sendung mit der Maus
  • Editions des...

    Beautiful cards from the brand Editions des Correspondances with different illustrators. With: Lali Riddle, Mila Gablasová, Gaëlle Boissonnard and Izou. You will love them all!

  • Elsa Beskow
  • Fantasiebeestjes
  • Fiep Westendorp / J&J
  • Gorjuss
  • Happy Postcrossing

    We are so proud of our own postcard series! We wanted to offer cheap postcards of high quality! We think that we did a good job with that :)
    The cards (with own pictures and illustrations and pictures from other photographers) are wood free cards with a lovely writable backside.
    Luxury postcards for a good and fair price. The best cheap postcards for postcrossing!

  • Ila Illustrations

    Ila Illustrations (Ilaria Conalbi) with the series Bright Shadows. Great quality postcards for Postcrossing and Snail mail
    Bright Shadows are worlds where children are safe, where the darkness isn’t dangerous.
    Children can be free to live their dreams, to fly, to breathe underwater, to travel and meet the unknown.
    The magic light and their animal friends always protect them from their fears, allowing them to fully enjoy each single moment, to see only the beauty of life.

    De illustraties van Ilaria drukken wij met toestemming en onder contract. Lees hier meer.

  • Inge Löök
  • Inkognito

    Beautiful, funny and very popular Postcard series for Postcrossing. That will describe Inkognito at the best.

  • Jetoy (previous series)
  • Jetoy (new series)
  • Kitsune Art

    Kitsune Art by Maud Donker; lovely postcards from a dutch illustrator! I am totally in love with the lovely animal alphabet postcards! I want them all, and you?

  • Krtek
  • Lali
  • Majali

    Maja Lindberg from Sweden creates the most stunning illustrations for postcrossing, snailmail or just an art print on your wall. Buy your Majali postcards in our shop!

  • Mila Marquis (Edition...

    Mila Marquis has been drawing and painting ever since she was able to hold a pen. She always wanted to do something artistic.
    The most beautiful postcards from Mila Marquis can you find on 14cm postcards. You can send them with or without envelope.
    Want to see more Edition Gollong postcards? You can find them here.

  • Molly Brett (The...

    Molly Brett (1902-1990) grew up in Great Britain, surrounded by nature and animals. She draw beautiful illustrations with a magical atmosphere. The illustrations were published by The Medici Society and they go still around the world.

  • Linda Peltola
  • Mingface

    The most trendy tourist postcards you've ever seen! These cards from Mingface are perfect for Postcrossing with their sleek design.

  • Pickmotion
  • Polacard
  • Redmer Hoekstra

    Vervreemdende tekeningen van Redmer Hoekstra. Verrassende combinaties van vorm, betekenis en werking zorgen voor grappige, fantastische en surreële beelden. Deze kaarten zijn perfect voor postcrossing.

  • Richarda Louise

    Unique postcards on 300gr Old Mill paper with the popular vintage, dreamy look. 44 different photo postcards, also available as a 4pcs set.

  • Rina Zeniuk (Blue Cats)

    Wow! It is what i am thinking when i see this beautiful postcard series Blue Cats from Irina Zeniuk. They are very famous around the whole world, you need to discover it by yourselfs! Rina came up with Blue Cats when she was a student, more then 35 years ago. With her blue stylo she drew cat illustrutions, and the Blue Cats where born. Offcourse there is also a Blue Cat in Rina's family :)

    De illustraties van Rina drukken wij met toestemming en onder contract. Lees hier meer.

  • Santoro
  • Silke Leffler
  • Studio Draak
  • Veera Aro

    Veera Aro is the newest illustrator in our shop! I met her because we both love drawing. She always had the dream that her work would be published. Well, they are worth it! We want to publish different series. To start with 'World of Animals'.



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